The entertainment industry is developing at a fast rate in order to keep up with the latest developments. As the hunger for state of the art shows keep growing, concerts, plays and shows are constantly evolving as each iteration has to be more spectacular than the last. As a result, rigging as taken a prominent role in almost every show.

Rigging plots have become more complex due to performers, props, constructions and the like being utilized as premium parts of the show. In this landscape, being able to measure the load that you’re lifting is essential for safe working conditions, to protect men and priceless equipment. For this, we have developed a comprehensive range of force monitoring equipment for the entertainment industry.

To improve safety, with a focus on the flexibility and ease of use that this industry needs. Making an intuitive and affordable solution to measuring the forces on the loads you’re lifting, or the structures you’re building.

PLCS-WL-LS-3.25T and PLCS-WL-LS-4.75T Load Cell Shackles

The PROTOS Load Cell Shackle is the starting point of each load monitoring system. Based on the well known Crosby Bow type shackle. Available with a WLL of 3,25T or 4,75T. Safety factor 5:1.

With an IP-rating of 67 and an operating temperature range from -20 to +50°C, all PROTOS Wireless Load Cell Shackles can be used in almost all weather conditions and use the worldwide available free 2.4GHz band. With a reading distance up to 800 meter.

PLCS-WSS Windspeed Meter Module

Temporary structures are often limited in the allowable wind forces. Measures must be taken when the windspeed crosses the allowed limit. Monitoring the windspeed is essential to take the measures in time in order to guarantee the safety of the structure, the artists, the technicians and the audience. The PROTOS Wireless Windspeed Meter is small and easy to mount on any scaffolding pole. Battery, Solar or permanently powered. To measure the windspeed on the structures and warn you when measures should be taken. Warnings can be provided via the local wireless network or via a GPRS module, as text message, to any mobile phone in the world.

The PROTOS PLCS-WSS is built on the same technology as other PROTOS wireless transmitter modules. it can be monitored with the same handhelds or base stations or send their data via a GPRS module to any cellphone or email address. It features a high quality 3-cup rotor, pressed on a stainless steel shaft. Measuring over the range of 2,25 to 55m/sec.The Protos Wireless Windspeed meter can be powered from internal batteries, solar power or an external power supply and comes standard with a scaffolding clamp.

PLCS-WL-LCRD & PLCS-WL-LCR-800 Wireless Base Station

PLCS-WL-LCRD (Top) – Wireless base station mounted in a non-weatherproof USB dongle enclosure for direct connection to laptops and tablets.

PLCS-WL-LCR-800 (Bottom) – Wireless base station in a robust, weatherproof enclosure with USB connection and more range than the PLCS-WL- LCRD.

When you prefer to monitor the forces on a PC, the receiving base station is the connection between the wireless signals from the transmitting Protos devices, like load cells and windspeed meters, and your computer.

The PROTOS USB base stations follow the simplicity of the entire system. When all transmitting units in your stock are set to the same radio channel it’s plug and play. The receiver will automatically recognize the radio channel
as used and will nd the transmitter units within range.

Base stations are the interface between the PROTOS radio system and a PC, PLC or other controller. A base station would be required to configure PROTOS transmitter modules from a PC using the Protos Toolkit software and also required if you are to capture data from PROTOS transmitter modules to a PC or PLC.

PLCS-WL-HR Handheld Remote

Simplicity during the set up of a rigging system is key. All disciplines put the rigger under pressure to speed up and allow them to attach loads to the hoists and trusses. Although every rigger is convinced of the added value of load cells, they are not used when they are too time consuming to install. The PROTOS Wireless Load Cell system is as simple as a regular shackle. The PROTOS Handheld Remote follows this simplicity and allows you to step through the available wireless load cell shackles. Wherever you are on the stage, without connecting wires or installing computers. The easiest way to check the load on a hoist before it is lifted.

The PROTOS PLCS-WL-HR, is a roaming handheld that can be used to view the reading supplied by an unlimited number of PROTOS Load Cell shackles or Windspeed meter transmitter modules. The transmitter module Data Tags or IDs do not need to be known beforehand. The handheld will automatically wake any module on the same channel and group key. An internal list is maintained of the top number of transmitter modules ordered by signal level and a Next key on the handheld allows cycling through this list. When in communication with a particular transmitter module the LED on that module is activated. This provides visual feedback of the selected and currently viewed module. The LED output can also appear optionally on the digital output.

PLCS-WL-RM-800M Active Repeater

Having a clear line of sight between all your PROTOS Wireless Load Cell shackles and your base station is wishful thinking. The lay-out of truss structures, scenery, LED screens and the operator position are not dictated by the system but a result of a creative process. Repeating the signals at grid level allows more flexibility in the choice of the ooperator positions. The Protos Active Repeater can be positioned anywhere in the area where your transmitters are. You do not need to configure any settings. It simply repeats all the signals received from the transmitters within range.

The PLCS-WL-RM-800 is an active repeater which will allow the Protos range of transmitter modules to span around obstacles or increase range or coverage. The module provides a battery holder for a pair of alkaline ‘D’ cells and
has the possibility to connect an external power supply. The batteries can also be used to provide power in case of external supply failure. The case is environmentally sealed to IP67. The repeater will allow messages to be repeated once which could double the radio range under ideal conditions. Adding more repeaters will not increase range but can increase coverage. The Active Repeater module is mounted in large weatherproof enclosure with battery holder for two D cell alkaline batteries. It also has the ability to be powered from an external supply voltage.

PROTOS Logging Software

Measuring forces created by loads and wind is one thing. Interpreting the loads and protecting the structures and lifting systems within their limits is the next step. Each structure and each lifting device requires specific settings for warnings and overloads. The PROTOS Logging Software allows you to visualize the measured values and gives the opportunity to show calculated values like the summarized loads on a suspension point. Net loads, tare levels,overload levels, warnings, etc can all be set per channel. Specific Stage lay-outs can be added by importing an image file.

PLCS-CASE Flight Case

The PROTOS case is a durable flight case, a design that has proven itself throughout the entertainment industry. Due to the precisely cut out foam sections, tailored to fit the equipment, a safe journey for the Load Cell System is guaranteed. The foam sections are modular, and evenly divided in 4 segments. The sections interchangeable, which makes it possible to have a case holding up to 16 wired or wireless loadcells or 4 wind speed meters and anything in between. This makes it possible to carry various setup configurations.

The robust corner wheels that are mounted to the case and the heavy duty adjustable handle make sure that the transport of your measuring equipment is safe and easy.


The lid of case contains a fixed piece of foam on the inside, with slots for the minimum required equipment.