PLCS-W-DLS-3.25T and PLCS-W-4.75T Load Cell Shackles

Very similar to the wireless load cells, the PROTOS daisychain load monitoring system is real-time, cost effective and easy to use. PROTOS Wireless load monitoring systems increase safety by showing the actual load, on any given point, to the lifting operator. All that is necessary to operate these load cells is the free software available for PC, a length of cable up to the 1000 meters and a PLCS interface module. Note that this is a separate system with different software, so it is not possible to combine the wired and wireless systems. The PROTOS Load Cell Shackle is the starting point of each load monitoring system. Based on the well known Crosby Bow type shackle. Available with a WLL of 3,25T or 4,75T. Safety factor 5:1.

PROTOS Logging Software

Measuring forces created by loads and wind is one thing. Interpreting the loads and protecting the structures and lifting systems within their limits is the next step. Each structure and each lifting device requires specific settings for warnings and overloads. The PROTOS Logging Software allows you to visualize the measured values and gives the opportunity to show calculated values like the summarized loads on a suspension point. Net loads, tare levels,overload levels, warnings, etc can all be set per channel. Specific Stage lay-outs can be added by importing an image file.